Padawan Learners 

For those not Star Wars fans a Padawan Learner is a Force sensitive adolescent who trains as a Jedi. In the real world they are known as apprentices.


Last year we invested into the apprentice scheme and recruited Lucy and Alex into our admin and accountancy teams. After my initial shock at how young they looked I was delighted at how mature they both seemed but as the year went on I grew to really appreciate what they had brought to the business. They were so keen to learn picking up everything we asked of them but they also brought with them enthusiasm and a freshness that blew through the firm.


“having an apprenticeship isn’t just about getting great skills and great training; it can be the stepping stone to a fantastic career ” David Cameron (link


As Lucy and Alex enter their second year with us both have been rewarded for their development; Lucy is starting further business administration studies and Alex his Chartered Accountancy exams on the AAT fast track route. For me though they’ve got another important task, to mentor our three new apprentices; Imogen, Billy and Aimee!


In addition to the freshness and enthusiastic attitude, the scheme provides structured training, third party tutoring, monitoring and appraisal and grant funding to contribute to their development.


The apprenticeship scheme has been a real success for us and I want to encourage every business to consider taking on their own Padawan Learners!


As Yoda would say “Great job, Lucy and Alex, the good work, keep up hum keep up”


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