Junior Accountant donates hair to Charity

Last night Aimee Harrison, let her sister cut off the length of her hair – it was all for a good cause though!

The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides free real hair wigs to children who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses. Their aim is to provide children with wigs as close a match to their original hair as possible. If they cannot source suitable donated-hair wigs then they have to buy them and the cost of just one wig is on average between £350 – £500. In order to keep on supplying these wigs to children the charity relies on hair donations and fundraising, by people like Aimee, who decided to do both.

Aimee,  at Nicholsons Chartered Accountants said “I’d seen so many videos of brave young children (girls and boys) who had grown their hair to have it cut back up to their chins or shorter. This is where I first heard about the Little Princess Trust. I started researching the charity and found out just how much hair they needed and the impact it had on the children they help. I have had long hair since I could choose my own hair styles and have never liked having it cut.  At this stage I realised how much long blonde hair I had and decided to keep growing it. I knew it would take a few months before I had enough hair so I thought about fundraising in the meantime.”

Not only has Aimee donated her hair but she has raised over £235.00 for the charity.