XERO launches new expenses feature?

One of the new features announced at XEROCON was a new expenses tool. It sounded pretty cool, so I was excited to be accepted on to the limited roll out to give it a go.

Luckily I had my London trip receipts to process, perfect. So jumping straight into it I opened the new XERO expenses app and selected the “+” button. By sizing up the receipt in the frame the app highlights it in blue, takes a picture and asks you to confirm you want to submit it.

As I was logged into XERO I selected the new expenses tab under accounts. The expenses screen already showed the items I had submitted with a note saying “processing”. A few minutes later I got a notification on my phone to say one of my expenses needed further info. When I opened it the details were missing of the account that it needed posting to. It was pretty easy to correct, and to add a label. Labels are a sub description. We post all travel costs to one account. The labels tool will help monitor the split between; taxi’s, rail etc. They are customisable too, which is great.

Now in XERO they can be reviewed, approved and paid.

This new feature really does look good. I processed around 15 invoices in 3-4 minutes and that was opening the app for the first time and checking what they looked like in XERO.

I’m confident that XERO expenses will be pretty easy to roll out across the business and with the ability to add other people’s expenses there shouldn’t be too much resistance. Once in we can approve & process them quickly and efficiently.

I’m also sure that I’ll capture more of my expenses as I’ll snap and submit, there and then. I can’t wait to try it next week when I meet my tech networking group.

Richard Hallsworth Lincoln Accountant and Business Adviser LinkedIn