Are you looking for investment in your business?

We are all aware that it’s more difficult to obtain funding from banks. Many SME’s continue to do battle with the current economic conditions without full bank support. Even strong businesses with good track records and assets to secure funding against find it difficult to obtain funding to invest in new products or their development.

This lack of liquidity in the SME sector is a real challenge. Despite central government intervention via schemes such as the funding for lending scheme banks are favouring traditional asset backed and working capital deals. The consequence, underfunded speculative research and development projects.

To assist businesses innovate, the government has introduced “innovation vouchers” and re-packaged “SMART grants” that provide small amounts of funding in certain areas. That however, leaves a real cash flow gap for those engaged in serious innovative developments.

Alternative lenders such as Funding Circle continue to fund projects and are becoming more popular but for larger investment requirements business owners should still consider investment from business angels and others with pots of spare cash benefiting only from low interest rates offered by banks on savings.

Unfortunately for most SME owner managers, outside angel investment is not well understood and is even less accessible. As we sometimes see on Dragons Den however, accessing angel investment and people with contacts, experience and knowledge can be the difference for many businesses.

It’s for that reason that Nicholsons have teamed up with Lincolnshire Investment Network to help business owners access local Lincolnshire angel investment. On 27 June we are holding a seminar which will help you become more investment ready and answer questions such as:-

  • Where do I go to meet angel investors?
  • What do they look for?
  • How do I know whether my business is ready?
  • How and what do I present to them?
  • What will they want?
  • How long will it take?

If you are a business looking to raise finance for a project you should not miss the opportunity to learn about how you can raise that finance from Lincolnshire based angel investors.