Painting a Dedication for Dad

Smells of the freshly brewed coffee lingers through and one lady can be seen making the perfect latte art. Behind the counter of the Craftea Café is Erin Fleming, the artist of two Lincoln Knights. Born in East London, Erin is the artist of Pedal Pride, the knight that Nicholsons Chartered Accountants has chosen to sponsor for this year’s Lincoln Knights Trail.

Moved to Lincoln at the age of 11 as a result of her dad’s love affair with the Lincoln Grand Prix, Erin found her inspiration for Pedal Pride from her former professional cyclist dad, Brian Fleming. As a child, she used to watch her dad train at the Eastway Cycle Circuit (which has since been knocked down to make way for the Olympics). Her dad loves Lincoln, more so after the trip that won him the team prize in the Milk Race for Team GB.

Having a professional cyclist dad meant that the world of cycling revolved around Erin. She recalled having to help her dad with repairing bikes, and joked about how a falling bike went between her and just missed her. She was so little that the she could fit into the bike frame!

Grown up to a young woman she is now, Erin is very proud of her dad and wants to dedicate Pedal Pride to him. “I think Pedal Pride is a way I can combine my love for art, the city of Lincoln and most importantly the significance of the Lincoln Grand Prix as a dedication to my dad”.

“I felt that the race itself has been overlooked for so long, and it deserved more publicity than it currently does. It is a huge event!” Erin hopes to get more publicity for the iconic Steep Hill climb which will be the final stage for the cyclists to the finishing line. She added that the picturesque backdrop and the chance to climb the Steep Hill are the reasons cycling enthusiasts should come and join the race.

Erin did a bit of cycling and triathlons when she was little, but her affections for theatre and acting would see her graduating with a 1st in Theatre Design at the Nottingham Trent University. Her proudest achievement as a theatre designer is her final year project, The Wiz. She will be part of upcoming Jekyll and Hyde play at the Lincoln Cathedral in August.

As for now, her main focus will be climbing the Steep Hill. The competitive young lady will be at the starting line at Lincoln Grand Prix with her dad. Pedal Pride will be there too at Michaelgate and is the 17th Knight of the Knight’s Trail!

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*Our next article will feature Brian Fleming himself. Stay tuned!