Joshua Lester tells us how an apprenticeship has helped him find full-time work

My name is Joshua Lester; I am 19 years old and currently studying for my Level 3 business administration qualification through LAGAT college with Nicholsons Chartered Accountants.

Whilst taking my A-levels in sixth form, I know that university wasn’t a path I wanted to go down, so I decided to take my first steps into full-time work and began hunting for an apprenticeship. I had a few options and a handful of interviews, however after my initial interview at Nicholsons, I was eager to hear back from them as it seemed like a very promising career path.

I soon got called in for a second interview and a chance to ask further questions, which I had prepared. Once the interviewing process had been completed, I received a call from Nicholsons and was offered the apprenticeship position. I was excited as I knew this was a great opportunity for me to get started on the progression ladder; the team at LAGAT college described this as a “job for life”.

Nicholsons was very welcoming and made it easy for me to settle into my new position. I began my apprenticeship in December 2018, and I am set to finish it by the end of June 2019. Once finished I will be able to continue with my learning through LAGAT, alongside my new role within Nicholsons, while hoping to keep building towards the future; both for myself and for Nicholsons.

Since being at Nicholsons my confidence has grown both within my work and my personal life and has helped me grow as a person. Furthermore, being able to ‘earn and learn’ has given me a chance to become more independent than whilst at school, this has also been very beneficial for me. I firmly believe that an apprenticeship was the correct route for me and that Nicholsons was the perfect place for me to begin my career.